«Clinic for Individual Practice for Primary Dental Care Dr. Rositsa Yonkova»

provides as follows:

– Initial dental examination, health advice, personal prophylactics direction and individual treatment plan where necessary;
– Creating and maintenance of a Private Continuous Dental Record for the patient;
– Roentgenographic teeth scanning as the diagnostic may require;
– Teeth cavity illness treatment, oromucosal infection, gingivitis;
– Treatment of caries and pulpitis;
– Dental granuloma treatment;
– Treatment and urgency intervention in case of dental abscess and management of acute dental problems;
– Root Canal treatment (endodontics);
– Aesthetic Stomatology and prosthesis;
– Dental Physical Therapy (Laser Therapy in periodontitis, paradontosis, gingivitis, stomatitis, aphthae, dental gangrene, dental fractures, arthritis, alveolitis, post surgery traumas, non carious lesions such as: attrion, abrasion, erosion, abfraction etc.);
– Dental prosthesis manufacturing and adjustment, dental bridges and crowns of metal of metal ceramic;
– Dental obturation (following the treatment as it goes);
– dental plaque cleaning by means of US or mechanically removal;
– Periodontal (Gum) Disease treatment and prophilactics;
– Tooth extraction;
– Any other stomatological service and dental assistance as the case and individual necessities of the patient might require.